The Opportunity

“The opportunity is found in addressing the challenges the region faces ahead of achieving significant monetisation of the regional gas reserves” – Lou Montilla

The Eastern Mediterranean possesses significant natural gas reserves, already exceeding the needs of domestic markets. Current gas resources in the region, both those that are producing and recent new finds, hold the potential to transform the Eastern Mediterranean into one of the world’s great energy export hubs, while maximising energy security and facilitating cheaper gas supplies for the local markets.

However, a combination of political and commercial barriers, the difficulties of aligning the interests of current stakeholders, and the lack of investment in regional infrastructure has left a sizeable quantity of the region’s natural gas resources underdeveloped – preventing the region from reaching its full commercial potential.

“When dealing with the development of assets which carry such national and regional importance, the challenge is for the governments involved not only to select energy operators to partner with, but also to attract strategic investors who are regionally aligned and boast industry experience. With our experienced team, Cynergy can bolster the region’s chances of success.” – Lou Montilla

Many of the key stakeholders in the Eastern Mediterranean have yet to achieve the regional alignment needed to be able to successfully develop the assets in the region. To solve these development challenges, Cynergy strives to align regional stakeholders in order to fully monetise strategic gas assets through acquisition and development plans. 

The Approach

 “What makes Cynergy special is the fact that it has taken the necessary long-term commitment, focus and approach to the region which is hard for other entities to take. Being ready now to bid for, consolidate and develop key assets comes at a time where the opportunity window is open but closing. It is increasingly difficult for others coming to the region to have an approach that is as timely, thoughtful and nuanced as Cynergy’s.” – Guus Kessler

Cynergy brings experience, commitment and finance to allow for the full development of the region’s energy assets. 

Cynergy’s strategic investment plans and its stakeholder relationships empower it to acquire key assets and develop them in a bid to position the Eastern Mediterranean as a globally significant energy hub. Cynergy is committed to delivering long-term prosperity and stability for the Eastern Mediterranean through meticulous implementation of its regional energy plans. 

Cynergy aims to deliver the monetisation of the region’s gas assets in a collaborative manner through:

  • Acquisitions of significant stakes in existing natural gas reservoirs and related infrastructure in the region.
  • Leading project financing initiatives to develop further existing and future natural gas infrastructure assets, including the construction of a new LNG terminal.
  • Leveraging long-term stakeholder relationships to contract for long term gas sales in international markets.

Cynergy’s approach involves: 

  • Working closely with regional national governments to align on the development needs and monetisation opportunities of the region’s assets.
  • Increasing cooperation among current regional energy players, bringing leadership and a clear vision for successful development.
  • Providing the financial and industrial capability required for large-scale regional development of currently under developed and/or not commercialised gas assets.

Achievements to Date

Cynergy has analysed energy developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region over a significant period of time and is in discussions with key regional stakeholders to examine the potential for regional consolidation of assets. 

Cynergy has assembled an experienced group to help drive its initiatives, encompassing regional investors, along with individuals who possess a deep understanding of global and regional energy industry dynamics.

To achieve our goals we assembled a leadership group with local and global experience across energy, M&A, finance, law, geopolitics and communications. This group was specifically and carefully chosen to be capable of managing the complexities of the East Med whilst maintaining balance between the various stakeholders and interested parties in the region.