cynergy east med

Cynergy East Med Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cynergy Energy Ventures whose focus is on the consolidation and development of Eastern Mediterranean gas reserves. 

Cynergy East Med’s directors and leadership will bring a unique combination of development and operational experience to the region.

The team at Cynergy East Med Ltd have either operated or participated in numerous substantial upstream developments worldwide and have led the project development of some of the most significant LNG “mega-projects” globally.

The directors of Cynergy East Med have managed projects in Cyprus, Israel and Egypt across the energy value chain. These projects include the complex planning stages of a potential LNG project in Cyprus and both upstream and LNG management in Egypt

Cynergy East Med brings an entrepreneurial approach in progressing a regionally-aligned effort to solve the complexities of financing, developing and fully monetising the strategic gas assets of the Eastern Mediterranean. The Cynergy team has been assembled carefully over a long period of time to focus solely on the Eastern Mediterranean. Its calibre allows us to address and solve regional development challenges. Cynergy is as best a team and ownership structure that could be brought together for meeting the challenges of fully monetising East Med gas reserves”

– Lou Montilla

gerald (gerry) peereboom


Gerry Peereboom has 40 years of international experience on major oil, gas and LNG projects for companies such as Noble Energy, BP and Amoco. His experience includes a wide range of international commercial, financial and general managerial positions.

Until recently, Gerry served as the Vice President of Upstream Interface and Pipeline at Steelhead LNG, a Canadian-based energy company that focuses on LNG project development in British Columbia (BC). Mr. Peereboom was responsible for developing and maintaining some of Steelhead’s key business partnerships, as well as leading the development of a 1,000km pipeline linking gas supplies from BC and Alberta to an LNG facility located on the West Coast of Canada.

Gerry brings extensive experience in gas project development and commercialization and possesses a breadth of relevant and extensive Eastern Mediterranean experience, having previously served as the Director of LNG Development for Noble Energy in Israel. In this capacity, Mr. Peereboom led the strategy and implementation of Noble’s efforts to develop Eastern Mediterranean gas export projects through onshore LNG as well as Floating LNG (FLNG). Mr. Peereboom oversaw pre-FEED studies for an onshore LNG plant in Cyprus, including commercial negotiations with the Cypriot government and pre-FEED studies for potential FLNG facilities in Israel to enable the development of the 20+ TCF Leviathan field. Mr. Peereboom also actively participated in commercial, gas and LNG sales negotiations with Egypt and Jordan as well as negotiations with Woodside Energy for the farmout of a portion of Leviathan.  

“The East Med has the potential to transform Cyprus, Israel and the wider region into a significant gas hub. The resource potential in the area has been proven and yet the complex politics, difficult commercial issues, and challenging market conditions have stalled the development of world-class resources.  I believe that Cynergy has the strategy and approach, as well as the skill set, to successfully create a regional solution that will benefit all parties.”

– Gerald Peereboom

james (jim) knudsen


James Knudsen brings decades of experience in successfully building and leading integrated gas and LNG companies. He is the former Senior Vice President of Queensland Gas Company for the BG Group in Australia.

Prior to joining Queensland Gas Company, Mr. Knudsen served as CEO of Cameron LNG, one of the U.S.’s leading LNG project developments. He also served as Senior Vice President of the BG Group in Asia, the Middle East and India, managing all regional upstream gas operations and LNG assets, including Egypt LNG.

“I decided to join Cynergy to help wherever I can apply my upstream and LNG project development experience. I am keen to help make Cynergy’s ambitions in the gas sector of the Eastern Mediterranean region a reality and success story. Over the years, I have seen many projects in many continents, and the strategic potential underpinning Cynergy’s solution for the region is simply huge. ”

– James Knudsen