Cynergy Energy Ventures is the vehicle of the Cynergy Group that will lead and manage the development of Cynergy’s global energy plans 

The leadership of Cynergy Energy Ventures have decades of experience financing, developing and commercialising oil and gas projects throughout the industry value chain. The leadership team brings its knowledge and understanding to achieve our goal of consolidating and developing the key energy assets of the region.



Lou Montilla is a LNG commercialisation specialist with over 30 years of background in the oil and gas sector. Lou holds vast experience in business origination and commercial structuring in the energy value chain, principally in LNG, including in upstream gas and carbon capture and storage (“CCS”) projects.

Prior to joining Cynergy, Mr. Montilla held the role of Global Head of LNG Business Development at Glencore and Noble Group, both global commodity trading houses.

Lou served as Vice President (Head of Long-Term LNG Origination) at Morgan Stanley, an executive role which followed a 25-year tenure at BP. At BP, Lou led various LNG initiatives and served as Vice President of LNG Marketing for BP’s LNG project in Australia – the Australia North West Shelf LNG Pty Ltd. project – and lived in Abu Dhabi whilst working on the ADGAS LNG Project.  He successfully delivered the first long-term LNG sale and purchase agreement to China based on supply from Australia, and the first long-term LNG import capacity agreement in the United Kingdom.

Lou brings to Cynergy a broad industry experience from working across many geographies combined with a strong desire to develop the natural gas resources of the Eastern Mediterranean to become a new focal point in the LNG market.

“Having tracked the progress of Mike Germanos with Cynergy for over four years I recently joined Cynergy to lead its energy initiatives. I believe I bring the commercial mindset needed to support the entrepreneurial approach to the region and the development of world-class LNG infrastructure.

Having been on the commercial side of the LNG industry for the past 30 years, I have seen the evolution of the LNG market and participated in many projects, some of them were truly first-of-a-kind in the LNG industry. What I like about the opportunity in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the way that Cynergy approaches the region, is that it gives me the opportunity to truly contribute to a project which is ground-breaking, both for the region in terms of creating an LNG export hub for the resources found, but also in terms of the entrepreneurialism – doing things differently through Cynergy’s collaborative mindset.

The Cynergy Strategy is of global importance to a degree, but to the region it’s nothing short of crucial. Monetisation of +30 TCF of gas between Cyprus and Israel – with more to be found in the future across the region – is a BIG deal. I believe that this is the right time to give the Eastern Mediterranean a chance to become a gas monetisation hub, and I am excited to add value to that process with my global experience and commercial approach.

I believe that what Cynergy has been putting together for the region represents the way forward. I am delighted to be part of the team bringing a fresh approach to solving commercialisation issues standing in the way of full monetisation of the region’s gas reserves.”

–Lou Montilla

GuUs kessler


Guus Kessler has spent the past 20 years working on some of the most significant global energy projects whilst serving as Royal Dutch Shell’s Senior Vice President of Global Project Assurance.

Guus worked in a host of different global markets, taking direct responsibility for project delivery as well as holding strategic governance positions within various joint ventures.

During his assignments in Australia, he worked on multiple large-scale LNG projects as the development lead. In his last role for Shell, Guus served as the Vice President of the Corporate Value & Project Assurance, overseeing the global capital project portfolio.

Guus is passionate about value optimisation and delivery. He reshaped and streamlined Shell’s value assurance processes, co-created various successful business improvement programs – including overseeing the introduction of the new project management framework – bolstered risk management and improved capital stewardship.

Throughout his professional career, Guus has remained a passionate learner, accumulating insights for better project and value management.

“The incremental value potential in the Eastern Mediterranean is very significant and needs unlocking by a smart and locally very-well balanced entity like Cynergy. But Cynergy’s local intelligence and business smarts needs complementary strength in solid oil and gas field development planning, project and operational experience. This is what I bring, both at a professional level and through my extensive network.

Successful monetisation of the vast Eastern Mediterranean gas reserves via a new LNG development plan will be challenging on all fronts, but it is also a major gamechanger for local energy security, geopolitics and hence is very high regional and global priority. I love to work on big challenges like this, with strong economic relevance and direct social impact.

The stability and strength of the wider team that has been assembled within and around Cynergy, combined with the very thoughtful step-by-step business development approach, has given me confidence that significant value will be created. It is great to be part of a team that combines deep professionalism with the entrepreneurial spirit that has shown patience and good stewardship.”

– Guus Kessler