The founder behind Cynergy

At the core of Cynergy lies its founder, Mike Germanos, whose visionary leadership and expertise have profoundly influenced the company's trajectory. For Mike, founding Cynergy wasn't merely about seizing an opportunistic energy deal; it was about fostering collaboration with the Eastern Mediterranean region and its stakeholders to contribute positively to its sustainable and prosperous future. Cynergy is a testament to its unwavering belief in the transformative potential of strategic investment and regional cooperation, positioning itself to redefine the energy landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Mike Germanos – Co-Founder & Group CEO

Mike Germanos, a London-born Cypriot entrepreneur, stands as the driving force behind Cynergy, embodying the spirit of innovation and strategic foresight. As the founder and Group CEO of Cynergy East Medl LLC and as director of Cynergy Cynergy groups energy entities, Mike's entrepreneurial journey is marked by a deep commitment to regional development and energy resource optimization.

"Cynergy: Born from Ambition and Strategic Vision"

“In 2013 I embarked on a mission to solve the Eastern Mediterranean energy puzzle. The vision for Cynergy was clear: to establish a platform dedicated to strategic, long-term investment in energy resource development, aligned with regional aspirations. Cynergy was conceived to be more than a company; it was to become a vehicle for transformative development in the region.”

– Mike Germanos